AXIS Q6155-E PTZ with 4 Sensor Combo Q6000Q6055-E IoT POD


This High-Powered HD AXIS Q6055-E PTZ camera is mounted on our XL IoT Platform, a Heavy-Duty Platform perfect for Smart City, Public Safety and remote locations. The AXIS Q6055-E features 32x optical zoom, which in combination with HDTV 1080p resolution provides superb zoomed-in views of people and objects of interest.

Product Details

AXIS Q6155-E PTZ with 4 Sensor Combo Q6000Q6055-E IoT POD

AXIS PTZ Q6155-E PTZ with the 4 Sensor Q6000 for Situational Awareness. 360° Multi-Sensor & PTZ Combo Camera mounted on our IOT POD XL- AXIS Q6000-E Mk II is ideal for city surveillance applications such as monitoring of public squares, parking lots and other open areas. It features four 2-megapixel sensors to provide a complete 360° field of view over large areas. AXIS Q6000-E Mk II is designed for integration with AXIS Q60-E/Q61-E PTZ Network Cameras, creating a solution that goes from overview to detail in a single click. AXIS Q6000-E Mk II gives you the big picture while AXIS Q60-E/Q61-E PTZ Network Camera lets you simultaneously capture every detail with great precision. This camera features Sharpdome technology with Speed Dry.

Key Features

  • AXIS Q6155-E Outdoor PTZ with HDTV 1080p, Laser Focus, 30x zoom and Zipstream, with built in analytics: highlight compensation, object removed, enter/exit detection, autotracking, and Active Gatekeeper
  • AXIS Q6000-E Full 360° overview, One-click PTZ control, Exchangeable and tiltable lenses
  • Strong lightweight aircraft aluminum NEMA 4X Enclosure, environmentally sealed whose components are industrialized for a long-lasting deployment in harsh conditions and temperatures of -40~85℃
  • Solar radiation reflector for reduced solar radiation heat transfer and cooler interior operating temperatures
  • Multiple Power inputs available – 120VAC by default with higher power inputs available (240VAC, 277VAC, 440VAC, Solar, etc.) with short circuit, overload, over voltage and overtemperature protection
  • PoE Network Switch & Communications: 4 Port PoE+ 30W 1G with 1 Uplink Port, 6kv Lightning Protection
  • Multiple cabling management options – wire glands for direct cabling for power, wireless communication radios and multiple custom conduit opening options ½”, ¾” & 1”
  • Exterior led power indicator light for “from the ground” power source verification
  • Interior fused power disconnect bus, lifetime warranty power supply, providing conditioned power & surge suppression
  • Pole Mounts & Surface Mount included
  • Dual ¼ turn twists latches. Keyed Lock(s) available


Power Input: 120VAC(Default), Options for Higher Voltages and Solar Power

Power Consumption: 18W Average

Network Connectivity: 1 Gbps Ethernet (Default), Options for LTE, Wi-Fi, MM Wav & Fiber available

Storage: Any VMS Software, Compatible Cloud VMS & microSDXC

Enclosure: NEMA 4X Aluminum IP56

Operational Temp: -30~75 ℃

Storage Temp: -40~85 ℃

Camera Resolution: 1920×1080 to 160×90

Lens: Q6000-qty 4 1.37mm 360° 4.44–142.6 mmVarifocal, 3.4–8.9 mm, F1.8 HFOV: 100°-36° VFOV: 53°-20°

Warranty: 3 Years

Dimensions: 21 X 12.5 X 31 IN.

Weight: 38.6 LBS

Other Options

  • LED Deterrent Lights – Blue, Green, Red or Amber LED Deterrent Lights as an option.
  • 240VAC, 277VAC or 200-500VAC 2 Phase Power Input Available
  • Network Communication Options: Standard – Gigabit Ethernet 4PoE+ and 1/2 1G Ethernet Uplink Ethernet Switch, Optional Fiber – Gigabit Ethernet 4PoE+ and 1 Ethernet Uplink & 1 SFP Fiber Switch
  • Add Wireless P2P/P2MP Radios – Sub 6 GHz, Siklu millimeter wave, LORA for low bandwidth sensors and many more options available, Cellular 4G/5G, we offer many industrialized cellular routers and antenna for AT&T, AT&T FirstNet, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Regional Carriers & MVO’s or you can provide your own
  • ISO IoT Health Monitoring & Self-Healing Technology with or without SMA – Watchdog Self-healing technology with email notification when a sensor, connection or equipment becomes unresponsive. This option requires ISO Network Engineering and custom configuration.