1 Year Stratocast Subscription

  • Price: $29.00
  • $0.00

Stratocast Basic

  • 7 Days of Recordings (additional Days available)
  • 720P Resolution 1280×720
  • 5 Frames Per Second

Stratocast Standard

  • 7 Days of Recordings (additional Days available)
  • 1080P Resolution 1920×1080
  • 10 Frames Per Second

Stratocast Premium

  • 7 Days of Recordings (additional Days available)
  • 1080P Resolution 1920×1080
  • 15 Frames Per Second

Stratocast is a unique service that records video in the cloud, eliminating the need for any on-premises servers. With no servers or software to install, organizations can deploy their video surveillance system in no time, and without requiring any IT involvement for on-going maintenance or updates.

With the ability to seamlessly connect to Security Center, organizations can leverage Stratocast camera connections to easily set up cameras across multiple distributed locations, and monitor video from a central site.

  • Monitor video and search archives from Stratocast web and mobile apps or from Security Center
  • All video is stored in triplicate in the cloud, ensuring greater protection of recordings
  • 99.5% Up-time Guarantee backed by a Genetec SLA
  • Video can be correlated with other system events, including alarms, access control, and intrusion events, in Security Center